Odyssey Fabric

Made for the elements. Designed for life.

Product Description

Welcome to the realm of Odyssey Fabric, where unparalleled durability meets exceptional protection. Engineered with a meticulous focus on quality, this fabric stands as a testament to its high degree of water resistance, superior strength, and commendable dimensional stability. Dive into the details of its features and applications, and unlock the potential for lasting performance.

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Odyssey Fabric: Guarding Against the Elements

Water-Resistant Mastery

Odyssey reigns supreme in the face of water challenges. Its high water resistance shields against the onslaught of torrential rain, direct contact with wet surfaces, and even when the outproofing coating begins to wear off. Vigilant maintenance and regular proofing emerge as the guardians that stand between the fabric and seeping, ensuring an extended life of steadfast protection.

Versatile Applications for Every Environment

Boat Covers, Canopies, and More

This exceptional fabric finds its calling in a myriad of applications, from boat covers that brave the open seas to canopies that shield outdoor and indoor spaces. Its versatility extends to protective covers for various purposes, proving its mettle in diverse environments. With a remarkable lifespan of eight-plus years when permanently stationed outdoors, Odyssey Fabric emerges as the ultimate choice for enduring protection.

Odyssey Fabric Properties

Crafted for Excellence

Delve into the core of Odyssey Fabric with a detailed exploration of its properties:

  • Material Makeup: 100% polyester polymeric impregnation, coated, woven
  • Coating: Clear seal
  • Roll Width: 150cm, 60 inches
  • Weight: 217.7 g/m2
  • Water Resistant: Yes
  • Fire Retardant: No (consider the optional 205 gsm variant for enhanced fire resistance at a slightly higher cost)
  • Resistant to: Water, abrasion, mildew, ultraviolet

Embark on a journey with Odyssey Fabric, where every thread is woven with resilience and every inch is a shield against the elements.

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“First of all I’d just like to say thanks for all the help in producing a console cover for the Boarding Boat we have at Humber, it’s exactly what is needed on that exposed jetty.”

Chris Nisbet

“I also wanted to let you know my wife and I are very pleased with the service you have provided and the quality of the workmanship is outstanding.”


"The service was excellent, very professional. The fitter was very pleasant, polite and did an excellent job of fitting the canvas. Also explained all the features patiently. A pleasure to recommend your product and service."

Lorna Booth

“Please thank the team for doing such a good job on what was a particularly tricky build.”

BL, Lincs

“We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the canvas work you did for us. It all fitted perfectly….”

Mrs JB. Bucks

"All things canvas and more. They are brilliant, making from new, repairing, cleaning and much more. Very helpful and friendly staff, with lots of knowledge and advice. Most definitely Recommend."

Stuart Whittam

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All our covers are custom designed to order by our highly-skilled in house team so you have the perfect cover for your needs.

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Our expert team of sewers, cutters and fitters are dedicated to producing the finest, most durable covers on the market.

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All our covers come with an industry leading 5-year guarantee to give you the ultimate peace of mind when choosing us.

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