Rapid turnaround coverings delivered at scale for all commercial applications


High-quality, rapid turnaround coverings delivered at scale for all commercial applications

Consultation Concept Development

porta pole

Our measurer will visit you on-site and have an in-depth discussion to materialise a concept suited to all of your requirements. Such as the size, shape, any window and door positions and also show you our wide range of colour and fabric samples. They will then relay this information back to the design team.

Product Design & Development

product design

Our expert design team will draw up your design using our latest CAD programme. You will be able to first view images of your desired product in 3D, enabling you to request modifications and approve the designs before your project is manufactured in our workshop by our highly trained technicians.

Patterning & Measuring


Canvasman uses portable Proliner equipment that can accurately map any surface shape or product into a digital 3D format. Once developed into a 2D or 3D design, it will then be used to create your specific product for manufacturing. We can provide a cutting service for most fabrics, or we can use our CNC machine to produce paper patterns.



The most time-consuming part of the whole process is designing, so once the design team and you are happy with the design, we will firstly manufacture a prototype, a preliminary version of your product for you to approve of before we manufacture the desired number of clones. Saving you money, time and ensuring you’re 100% happy with your Canvasman product.


CNC Cutting machine at Canvasman

We’ll then cut your product using our state-of-the-art CNC technology so you can be confident it is 100% accurate.
We also train all of our machinists to measure precisely and ensure the stitching is consistently at the highest standard.

Capacity & Lead Times


We have a large purpose-built facility, particularly large requirements can take a little time to implement, however with room to grow our capacity is whatever you need it to be.
We have adaptive systems, processes and training schedules, which allow us to design, develop and manufacture new and existing products quickly.


Lead times vary depending on the order or regularity, and the volume required, although prototypes and development can take a little longer we try to fast track this work where possible. We can forward schedule your orders into our system, ensuring your product is completed in time using our precise scheduling system.

We’re ready to craft your perfect cover

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Additional services

Our frames are designed and made in-house, so we can accommodate any vision and requirement, simply enquire.

As everything is bespoke you have the option of print on your product, such as signage or logos, they can also be sewn on.

What our customers say…

“First of all I’d just like to say thanks for all the help in producing a console cover for the Boarding Boat we have at Humber, it’s exactly what is needed on that exposed jetty.”

Chris Nisbet

“I also wanted to let you know my wife and I are very pleased with the service you have provided and the quality of the workmanship is outstanding.”


"The service was excellent, very professional. The fitter was very pleasant, polite and did an excellent job of fitting the canvas. Also explained all the features patiently. A pleasure to recommend your product and service."

Lorna Booth

“Please thank the team for doing such a good job on what was a particularly tricky build.”

BL, Lincs

“We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the canvas work you did for us. It all fitted perfectly….”

Mrs JB. Bucks

"All things canvas and more. They are brilliant, making from new, repairing, cleaning and much more. Very helpful and friendly staff, with lots of knowledge and advice. Most definitely Recommend."

Stuart Whittam