Product After Care

Marine Grade Canvas After Care

*We recommend the following guidelines to help maintain and prolong the life of your cover


If you need to fold panels, try to put in as few folds as possible as some fabric colours are susceptible to creasing. When unfolding covers allow them a bit of time to find their shape before fixing them into place, especially if the fabric is cold.


It is very important that your cover is always correctly tensioned in order to stop water from pooling. This can be done by adjusting the framework or by tightening the tensioning straps. Once done, seams should, in most cases, sit in line with the framework.

Snow Loading:

Our shade sails, canopies & awnings can withstand the majority of British weather, except for snow loading, so if you cannot guarantee the shades will be kept clear of snow, we would recommend removing the shade sails for the winter period to avoid any damage.

Boat covers can withstand some snow loading but not a lot, as the weight of the snow on the cover could pull on the fixings and fittings. Therefore, it is crucial that the snow is fairly regularly dusted off with a small brush.

Mould & Mildew:

Moisture in the air from breathing, cooking, washing etc does not always escape. It can build up and cause damp and mould growth. Therefore, it is important to ventilate the cover to prevent this from happening. If damp does occur you can fold up the cover to allow air to circulate to prevent mould. However, if mould does occur the cover must be cleaned with IOSSO mould & mildew solution. Click the link for instructions on how to use this product.

Canvasman Cleaning Service:

A lot of our customers like to take advantage of our cleaning and repairs) service so they can feel secure their cover is receiving truly professional treatment. If you have a product that wasn’t manufactured by us but is made out of canvas material, our cleaning and repair services are still available to you.


We recommend cleaning your cover by hosing it down as soon as it gets dirty to limit the risk of long term staining from bird droppings, tree sap and mould and algae etc. In addition to this, we recommend thoroughly cleaning your cover 1-2 times a year. However, do not jet wash, as this will destroy the thread and can damage the fabric.

It is crucial that you know exactly how to clean your canvasman product, so for more detailed information read our ‘How to Clean your Canvasman Cover’ page.

Preventing Windows from Misting Up:

When rolling up door panels or whole side panels, roll them so the smooth part is on the outside and the gutter created by the roll is on the inside. To allow the water to run-off, and prevent it from getting into the rolls of the cover.

If your panel has windows and you up roll it up while it’s wet, then the window material can go misty. You would need to unroll the panel to dry ASAP, or within a couple of days latest.
If this happens and the window goes misty, it usually clears when dried out, but occasionally can leave a permanent mist.

Additionally, if the canvas is rolled or folded up while wet it can go mouldy if left. The MGC and other cotton or part cotton canvas, will not rot. However, they can still develop nasty mould that’s very difficult to clean (especially lighter colours).

Replacing missing fittings:

Replace any missing or broken fittings ASAP to limit further damage to your cover occurring. Contact Canvasman for any replacement fittings.

All cleaning and reproofing products along with replacement fittings and tools are available from Canvasman. We also offer a cleaning and reproofing service, call us for a quote.

Maintenance conditions are restricted to:

– regular or spot checks,
– regular or intermittent cleaning.

Maintenance and checking schedules depend primarily on:

– the position of the textile: dirt accumulates and builds up faster on a horizontal than on a vertical surface,
– the exposure of the textile to climatic conditions such as rain, wind, hail, snow; and organic elements such
as leaves, pollen and dust,
– the nature and intensity of deposits.

The following table shows average maintenance intervals, expressed in months:

Regular checks

Regular checking involves visual inspection of membranes in order to ensure conformity:

– absence of tearing on the sides, and inside the panel
– absence of peeling at welded joints
– absence of thick deposits of dead leaves, insects, ashes, etc. on the surface.
When a sign of abnormality is noticed, the manufacturer or installer should be informed so that appropriate
professional steps may be taken.

Spot checks

Spot checks involve the same type of inspection as in regular checks, but a diagnosis is carried out immediately after an exceptional incident, whether accidental or chance.
Such incidents may occur when the following events happen:

– strong storm with extreme wind conditions reaching or exceeding acceptable limits for the locality,
– snowfall or hail producing or exceeding maximum acceptable loads for the locality,
– accidental falls of sharp or corrosive heavy objects

Cleaning procedures

Serge Ferrari suggests and recommends two cleaning procedures, depending on whether CLEANER 500 detergent or FORMULE S detergent is to be used.
CLEANER 500 detergent:

CLEANER 500 detergent has been specially designed for cleaning SOLTIS textiles. It is pre-diluted and comes ready-to-use in 500-ml spray bottles that make for easy regular essential cleaning of all textiles that are exposed to pollution and weather.

How to use:

– Ensure the textile is rolled out.
– For Directions see back of the bottle:
– Spray the product.
– According to the severity of the dirt or stain, leave for 2 to 3 minutes.
– Rub with a soft brush or a white cloth.
– Rinse with clean water or wipe with a wet sponge.
– In case of deep staining, repeat the above procedure.
– If the product is applied to other materials, rinse immediately with clean water. (except electrical
– Leave the  textile to dry, spread out in the open air if weather conditions allow

Procedures and cleaning agents not to be used:

the following cleaning methods are strictly forbidden:
– all types of abrasives: powders, pastes, liquids, abrasive sponges, etc.,
– generators of pressurized steam,
– water generators without high pressure.

• the following organic chemical products are strictly forbidden:
– acetone, gasoline, benzene, fuel oil, kerosene, perchloroethylene, turpentine, toluene,
trichloroethylene, petroleum, tetrahydrofuran (THF), ethyl acetate, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

• the following inorganic chemical products are strictly forbidden:
– ammonia, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, soda, caustic soda, bleach, etc.

Dust deposits

– Visible dust from draughts or occasional work.
– Do not rub the dust and do not use any liquid that could incrust deposits that are still powdery
– Dry cleaning is imperative.
– We suggest brushing away dust with a paintbrush or very soft bristle hand brush

Snow Loading

Our shade sails, canopies & awnings can withstand the majority of British weather, except for snow loading, so if you cannot guarantee the shades will be kept clear of snow, we would recommend removing the shade sails for the winter period to avoid any damage.

Boat covers can withstand some snow loading but not a lot, as the weight of the snow on the cover could pull on the fixings and fittings. Therefore, it is crucial that the snow is fairly regularly  dusted off with a small brush.

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