Fabsil Aerosol Waterproofer

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Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor gear maintenance with Fabsil Aerosol Waterproofer, a cutting-edge silicone-based solution designed to elevate the performance of your outdoor essentials. From rugged canvas to delicate nylon, Fabsil provides a formidable waterproof barrier against the relentless forces of nature.

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Versatility Unleashed: Compatible with a Spectrum of Fabrics

Crafted to perfection, Fabsil Aerosol Waterproofer seamlessly bonds with various fabrics, ensuring no material is left unprotected. Whether it’s the classic charm of cotton, the durability of polyester, or the resilience of nylon, Fabsil embraces them all. The result? A comprehensive shield that keeps you dry in any outdoor adventure.

Invisible Armor: Colourless and Odourless Brilliance

Once dry, Fabsil Aerosol Waterproofer becomes virtually invisible and odourless, preserving the natural aesthetics of your gear. No more compromising on style for the sake of functionality. Embrace the outdoors with confidence, knowing your equipment is safeguarded without sacrificing its original allure.

Effortless Application: The Fabsil Aerosol Waterproofer Advantage

Say goodbye to complex waterproofing rituals. Fabsil Aerosol Waterproofer boasts an easy application process, ensuring that even beginners can protect their gear like seasoned adventurers. Simply apply to clean, dry fabric with a new paintbrush or coarse spray, and let Fabsil do the rest.

Know Your Limits: What Fabsil Waterproofer Doesn’t Cover

While Fabsil excels in safeguarding most fabrics, it’s essential to note its limitations. Avoid using it on painted leather, glued seams, or plastic-coated fabrics, including ground sheeting and vinyl windows. For these surfaces, we recommend our specialized window polish or a simple cleaning with water and a cloth.

Economical and Efficient: Coverage Details

Stretching your investment, our Aerosol Waterproofer provides impressive coverage, with approximately 5 square meters per litre. This means more protection for your money, ensuring your outdoor gear stays resilient in the face of challenging weather conditions.

Choose Your Size: Pricing that Fits Your Needs

Fabsil Aerosol Waterproofer is available in two convenient sizes to cater to your specific requirements.

  • 400ml: £7.18+VAT
  • 600ml: £9.20+VAT
  • Postage: Priced on request, dependent on quantity and delivery location

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