Custom Gazebo Side Panels

Made for the elements. Designed for life.

Custom Gazebo Side Panels

Made for the elements. Designed for life.

Custom Gazebo Side Panels

Made for the elements. Designed for life.

Product Description

Gazebo Side Panels at Canvasman

Our bespoke canvas gazebo side panels or canvas blinds are designed and tailored to suit your structure and requirements. We have made side panels for a variety of different structures in all sorts of locations, including Gazebo side panels, Pergola side panels, Garden rooms, Summer houses, lean-to’s, cafe and restaurant side panels and many more applications.

Embrace Your Outdoor Space With Custom-Made Canvas Gazebo Side Panels

Canvasman Custom Clear And Yellow Gazebo Side Panels with windows

We offer a measure and installation service or, we can work from your dimensions and guide you through every step of the way with our comprehensive instructions. Design drawings are always provided for approval before we begin manufacturing.

They are available in a variety of fabrics and a wide choice of colours and are stitched using marine-grade thread.

We offer a wide variety of fixings, for wood, metals and stone structures. Our preferred fixings are usually Turnbuttons along the top and down the sides, which are spaced no more than 250mm apart for strength. We recommend our adjustable tensioning straps along the bottom of the panels as these allow you to achieve fantastic tension throughout the life of the panels and prevent any wind damage. These fix to the floor with a 25mm webbing bridge which is 5mm high and can be walked on or rebated into your stone or decking if required.

Other popular fixing methods are Kedar track along the top edge, and for those who don’t want to use the tensioning straps, we can add a pole sleeve at ground level so a bar can be added for weight.

Canvasman Custom Grey Canvas Gazebo Side Panels

At Canvasman we can make your panels with any size or shaped windows and zipped doorways for easy access. The fabrics we use for gazebo side panels are very stable and will barely shrink or stretch over time. Depending on which fabric you choose they will last 10 to 15 years with the right care and maintenance. The window material however is PVC and it does shrink when it’s cold and when it’s old. To minimise the effect of this, we recommend keeping individual window sizes to no more than 1250mm in width or height. If more window is required we suggest adding multiple windows rather than one large one, then the canvas will stabilise the panel and minimise any shrinking effect.

Removable roll-up canvas panels are a perfect all-year-round solution to provide you with an indoor/outdoor space that is unaffected by wind and rain.

Canvasman have been providing bespoke gazebo panels, specifically tailored and made to measure for over 30 years. To make the best choice for your Gazebo, consider factors like your budget, available space, local weather conditions, and the visual impact you desire. No matter which path you choose, we are able to design and deliver:

Why choose us for your Gazebo Side Panels?

  • All panels are custom made to measure
  • Easy to order and install
  • Panels to fit new and existing frameworks
  • Variety of colours, design, and options to choose from
  • Super easy to clean and maintain
  • Optional choice of fire retardant material
  • Reinforced seams and joints
  • Industrial brass or stainless steel eyelets
  • UV protected and waterproof
  • Manufactured to a high quality within our workshop

We pride ourselves on offering first class customer service, and we have expert knowledge; we have been manufacturing (and installing) side panels for over 30 years, and our background also derives from all canvas covers for awnings/canopies and shades.

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