Narrowboat Covers

Designed for life on the waterways

Whatever type of Narrowboat you have, we can design and manufacture the perfect tailor-made cover solution.

Narrowboat Cruiser Stern Hood

Bespoke Dark Green Narrow Boat Cruiser Stern Pram Hood
Our bespoke, collapsible stern hoods can transform your boat, providing a valuable and versatile extension and all-weather cruising.
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Narrowboat Cratch Cover

custom blue narrow boat cratch cover
For a more traditional look, our bespoke cratch covers and optional handcrafted A-frames will provide you with additional space and protection from the elements.
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Narrowboat Cratch Hoods

Custom Black Canvasman Narrow Boat Cratch Hood with Windows
A custom cratch hood offers you additional space on a boat and allows you to open the front doors in bad weather without rain and wind getting into the boat.
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Narrowboat Cratch Tonneaus

Custom Blue Narrow Boat Bow Cratch Tonneau
A new tonneau on your boat can provide you with useful storage space and protect the bow well from water ingress and the upholstery from sun damage.
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Narrowboat Semi-Traditional Back Hood

Custom Navy Blue Narrow boat Semi-Traditional Back Pram Hood
Our tailor-made collapsible stern hoods transform your boat by providing you with a versatile extension and all-weather cruising.
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Narrowboat Traditional Back Helm Hood / Pod

Custom Black Narrowboat Traditional Back Helm Hood/Pod
The helm pod/hood covering provides you with shelter over the hatch area on a traditional back narrowboat, allowing you to use the boat in a wider variety of weather conditions.
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Narrowboat Traditional Back Hood

Custom Black Narrowboat Trad Traditional Back Hood
A tailor-made back hood provides additional space on your boat and allows you to open the hatch in bad weather without rain and wind getting into the boat.
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Narrowboat Semi-Traditional Back Tonneaus

Custom Green Boat Semi-Traditional Back Tonneaus
A semi-traditional back tonneau offers added protection from the elements when your boat isn’t in use.
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Narrowboat Cruiser Stern Skirt

Custom Black Narrowboat Cruiser Stern-Skirt
A made-to-order Canvasman stern-skirt around your cruiser stern helps to keep your crew and pets safely aboard.
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Narrowboat Cruiser Stern Tonneaus

Custom Black Narrowboat Cruiser Stern Tonneaus
A cruiser stern tonneau can protect the rear deck from water ingress to the engine bay and other areas, whilst protect instrumentation and upholstery from sun damage. Thus, increasing the value of your boat.
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We’re ready to craft your perfect cover

Protect Your Narrowboat with Canvasman's Premium Covers

Are you seeking top-notch protection for your beloved narrowboat? Look no further than Canvasman! Our bespoke Narrowboat Covers are meticulously crafted to safeguard your vessel from the elements while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Tailored Solutions for Every Narrowboat

Whether you own a cruiser, semi-traditional, or traditional narrowboat, Canvasman has you covered. Our range includes covers for both stern and bow, including hoods, tonneaus, and skirts, ensuring comprehensive protection for every part of your vessel.

Versatile Storage and Security

Our covers not only shield your narrowboat from rain, sun, and debris but also provide versatile storage options. With Canvasman, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and secure, whether you’re docked or underway.

Extra Living Space

Expand your narrowboat’s functionality with Canvasman’s covers, which offer additional living space for you and your crew. Whether you’re hosting guests or seeking a cosy retreat, our covers provide the perfect solution.

Crafted to Perfection

At Canvasman, quality is our priority. Each cover undergoes a meticulous CAD prototype process before manufacture, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance. Our advanced materials and high-quality craftsmanship guarantee durability and longevity, backed by a reassuring 5-year guarantee.

Personalised Touches

Make your narrowboat truly your own with Canvasman’s personalised branding options. Choose from a wide range of fabrics to suit your style and preferences, and add your own logo or design for a unique touch.

Made in Yorkshire

Proudly made in Yorkshire, our covers reflect the finest traditions of British craftsmanship. By choosing Canvasman, you’re not just investing in superior quality – you’re supporting local industry and craftsmanship.

Save Time and Money

With Canvasman, convenience is key. We keep your unique design on file, making it easy and cost-effective to replace your cover should the need arise, saving you both time and money in the long run.

What makes our covers so special?

Bespoke design

All our covers are custom designed to order by our highly-skilled in house team so you have the perfect cover for your needs.

quality craftsmanship

Our expert team of sewers, cutters and fitters are dedicated to producing the finest, most durable covers on the market.

five year guarantee

All our covers come with an industry leading 5-year guarantee to give you the ultimate peace of mind when choosing us.

made in yorkshire

We’re a proud family business, run from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the town of Baildon, West Yorkshire.

What our customers say…

“First of all I’d just like to say thanks for all the help in producing a console cover for the Boarding Boat we have at Humber, it’s exactly what is needed on that exposed jetty.”

Chris Nisbet

“I also wanted to let you know my wife and I are very pleased with the service you have provided and the quality of the workmanship is outstanding.”


"The service was excellent, very professional. The fitter was very pleasant, polite and did an excellent job of fitting the canvas. Also explained all the features patiently. A pleasure to recommend your product and service."

Lorna Booth

“Please thank the team for doing such a good job on what was a particularly tricky build.”

BL, Lincs

“We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the canvas work you did for us. It all fitted perfectly….”

Mrs JB. Bucks

"All things canvas and more. They are brilliant, making from new, repairing, cleaning and much more. Very helpful and friendly staff, with lots of knowledge and advice. Most definitely Recommend."

Stuart Whittam