Speed Boat Overalls

Made for the elements. Designed for life.

Speed Boat Overalls

Made for the elements. Designed for life.

Product Description

Explore the Waters with Confidence: Speed Boat Overalls by Canvasman

Welcome to Canvasman, where we bring you the ultimate solution for protecting your prized possession – the Speed Boat Overalls. As a passionate speed boat owner, you understand the importance of safeguarding your vessel from the elements. Our made-to-measure overalls ensure your boat stays pristine, whether it’s out of the water, on a trailer, or in transit.

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Quality Craftsmanship for Discerning Speed Boat Owners

Our Speed Boat Overalls provide comprehensive protection, keeping your speedboat clean and dry even during the harsh winter months. Crafted with advanced materials and designed to withstand all weather conditions, these overalls are your boat’s shield against dirt, grime, and the unpredictable elements of the great outdoors.

Tailored to Perfection

Every boat is unique, and so are our overalls. Before crafting your bespoke cover, we offer a CAD prototype of your design, ensuring a perfect fit for your speedboat. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail guarantees a snug, tailored fit that complements your boat’s contours, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Built to Last: Unmatched Durability

Invest in the longevity of your speedboat with our high-quality overalls. Made from marine-grade canvas, these covers boast a life expectancy of 10-15 years when well-maintained. Our Yorkshire-based craftsmen take pride in their work, ensuring each cover meets our stringent quality standards.

Style Meets Function: Variety of Designs

Choose from a wide range of fabric designs to match your boat’s personality. Our diverse collection ensures that your speed boat remains a style icon while being shielded from the elements. It’s protection with a touch of personal flair.

Quality Assurance

Confidence in our product is paramount. That’s why we back our Speed Boat Overalls with a solid 5-year guarantee. Trust Canvasman to deliver not just a cover, but peace of mind for your treasured possession.

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The fastest way for you to get a quote is to use our detailed online enquiry form by clicking the button below. It is the simplest and most efficient way for us to gather all the information we need to quote on your new cover. You are also welcome to call us at 01943 851 444, contact us through our Facebook page inbox or email sales@canvasman.co.uk.

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What our customers say…

“First of all I’d just like to say thanks for all the help in producing a console cover for the Boarding Boat we have at Humber, it’s exactly what is needed on that exposed jetty.”

Chris Nisbet

“I also wanted to let you know my wife and I are very pleased with the service you have provided and the quality of the workmanship is outstanding.”


"The service was excellent, very professional. The fitter was very pleasant, polite and did an excellent job of fitting the canvas. Also explained all the features patiently. A pleasure to recommend your product and service."

Lorna Booth

“Please thank the team for doing such a good job on what was a particularly tricky build.”

BL, Lincs

“We just wanted to say how pleased we are with the canvas work you did for us. It all fitted perfectly….”

Mrs JB. Bucks

"All things canvas and more. They are brilliant, making from new, repairing, cleaning and much more. Very helpful and friendly staff, with lots of knowledge and advice. Most definitely Recommend."

Stuart Whittam

What makes our covers so special?

Bespoke design

All our covers are custom designed to order by our highly-skilled in house team so you have the perfect cover for your needs.

quality craftsmanship

Our expert team of sewers, cutters and fitters are dedicated to producing the finest, most durable covers on the market.

five year guarantee

All our covers come with an industry leading 5-year guarantee to give you the ultimate peace of mind when choosing us.

made in yorkshire

We’re a proud family business, run from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the town of Baildon, West Yorkshire.