Gazebo Sides & Roofs

Bespoke gazebo side & roofs designed and tailored to suit any structure.

cream white custom canopy

Your Options

We can re-cover your existing gazebo or pergola and supply you with a complete new timber or steel structure, or we can provide you with side panels. New side panels can make a massive difference to your existing gazebo, providing you with an outdoor space that is unaffected by wind and rain. This space can provide you with additional living or storage space whilst protecting your assets from weather damage. Many of our clients even use these spaces all year round.


If you have outdoor furniture for your gazebo, you might be interested in the Upholstery section and the Protective Covers section.


With each fabric varying in properties and use, you must be well aware of the care and maintenance required for your gazebo sides and roofs. You can find more information about the maintenance in the Cleaning and Waterproofing section, or take a look at the Repairs and Cleaning Service section if you would prefer professional cover cleaning and maintenance. Above all, we’re so confident in our covers that we offer a full five-year guarantee against defects in materials or craftsmanship.