Canvasman Fixings & Fittings

For the DIY maintenance of your boat cover.

canvasman fixings and fittings


It should be taken into consideration, that some of the fixings and fittings we sell can have other names they are referred to as. So be sure to carefully read the descriptions and take a look at the tags.


Canvasman fixings and fittings are sold individually and these prices only include work on-site within a thirty-mile radius of Otley, though we are willing to travel, so please contact us for a price for work outside this area.


Top Tip – Beeswax can also be applied to fittings such as studs to make them easier to get on and off and can be used as a lubricant to keep zips running smoothly.


We also offer a range of high-quality cleaning and waterproofing products so that you can effectively maintain your Canvasman products for as long as possible. You can find the items you need in our Cleaning & Waterproofing section or take a look at the Repairs and Cleaning Service section if you would prefer professional cover care from us.