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“What do I do if my old/new cover is leaking?”

This is perfectly normal for a new cover and we expect some water to come through the seams when they are new.
This is often exaggerated with heavy rain on a very new cover. We do expect that the seams will seal themselves after they have had a good soaking and dried out 5 or 6 times.


The reason for this, is the needle and the thread create a bigger hole than the thread can fill. Once the thread is weathered, it will swell to fill the hole, combined with the natural goodness in the rain the stitching holes will fill and the seam will become waterproof. Please be assured that this will stop and if you have any problems please feel free to contact us.


“Do we use binding on covers?”

We don’t use binding on windows etc as it gathers dust, cracks and our method it actually more time consuming than just adding binding



“What colour thread is available?”

We offer navy blue, black or white stitching.



 Will windows make my cover shrink?

The larger the windows are , the more prone the covers will be to shrinking as they age and when it’s cold. We recommend keeping a good border of canvas around window panels, in order to assist and stabilising the covers, to prevent shrinkage.


Cover Care

What should I avoid with my Canvasman cover?

Avoid using nylon ropes as these can scratch the marine grade canvas.  Avoid tying tarpaulins or other sheets over the top of our covers as these are not designed to work like these as these will create damage and unnecessary wear to your new covers. Avoid running ropes over the covers, and tying them in any other way than what has been provided by Canvasman as this will distort the covers and create wear points on the cover


“What causes pink stains on vinyl?”

It is a by-product of a bacterial microorganism. This organism’s by-product, a pink/red dye, is soluble in plasticizer, which is the main ingredient in upholstery vinyl. When this by-product comes in contact with vinyl it causes the pink stain. Wind or rain can carry these microorganisms onto your marine upholstery. These organisms can live and grow in the foam cushion. This too will cause the pink stain on the vinyl. Pink patches can also be a result of using certain types of pen when marking the underside.




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