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Product Development

Patterning Service

Where our experienced staff can create a pattern for any product or structure you have, either on site or at our workshop. From traditional (paper or plastic) or high tech (digital mapping) methods we can create a pattern from existing patterns, measurements, structures or from a simple concept or idea you may have. This can then be converted into a paper pattern, digital pattern or finished product.

Digitising Service

We can convert an existing paper pattern into a digital format so that they can be worked on in a CAD program or cut on a CNC machine or transversely we can take an existing CAD pattern and cut a paper pattern from it. These CAD drawings are sent out to our customers for their approval and so they can visualise their product before manufacturing goes ahead.

3D Patterning Service

Proliner measuring service

Our experienced team using Proliner equipment, which is both portable and accurate, can map any surface shape or product into a digital 3D format. This can then be developed into a 2D or 3D design. This can then be used to design and develop any product and if you wish we can then manufacture it for you.

Traditional patterning service

We can also measure using paper or plastic to create a 3d template.

Product Design Service

Whatever your thoughts they can become a reality with the assistance of our team and our design program. Your ideas can be worked into an end product.

CNC Cutting Service

We can provide a cutting service for most fabrics or we can use our CNC machine to produce paper patterns.


We cater for most types of textile manufacturing with a large variety of machinery. We have capacity for running large or small quantities. We can also cater for other types of manufacturing as we have a wide spectrum of contacts within different manufacturing industries.

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