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Cover Care

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Cover Care And Maintenance


Make sure that your cover is always correctly tensioned.

This can be done by adjusting the frame work or by tightening the tensioning straps. This will help stop water from pooling.

Seams should, in most cases, sit in line with the frame work.




Roll up doors and windows  rather than folding where possible, if you need to fold panels, try to put in as few folds as possible as some fabric colours as susceptible to creasing.




When warm air rises in the atmosphere and hits a cold surface, the water vapor in the air turns to liquid.

Moisture in the air from breathing, cooking, and washing etc does not always escape. It can build up and cause damp and mould growth. It is important to ventilate the cover to prevent this from happening.




We recommend cleaning your cover by hosing it down gently as soon as it gets dirty to limit the risk of long term staining from bird droppings, tree sap and mould and algae etc. In addition to this we recommend thoroughly cleaning your cover 1-2 times a year.



Do Not Jet Wash as this destroys the thread and can damage the fabric.

  • Brush off any loose dirt.
  • Hose down with water (max 30°c)
  • Use a recommended cleaning product and follow their guidelines. Canvasman Ltd can supply you with specialist cleaners if needed.
  • Use a soft brush and plenty of water to work the cleaning solution around the fabric, taking care not to damage any stitching.
  • Rinse thoroughly so all residue has been removed
  • Air dry naturally
  • For best results, we recommend reproofing the fabric after cleaning, however your cover should remain water resistant even if you don’t. This is not necessary on PVC Fabrics.

Canvasman Ltd can supply a suitable re-proofer for your product. Follow the Guidelines on the tin on how to apply correctly.



Mould and Algae

It’s very difficult to remove through general cleaning and can leave a stain on fabrics. There is a specialist product available to remove the stain and kill the mould growth whilst not damaging the fabric.



Replacing missing fittings

Replace any missing or broken fittings ASAP to limit further damage to your cover occurring. Contact Canvasman for any replacement fittings and our repair service.



Cleaning and reproofing products along with replacement fittings and tools, are available from Canvasman Ltd.

We also offer a cleaning and re proofing service, call us on 01943 851 444 for a quote.

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