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Cleaning and Repairs

Cleaning and Repairs
  • RepairsWe offer a repair service, all repairs are different and therefore are priced individually and the prices shown are guidelines only.
  • Booking in We require repair jobs to be booked in, prior to visiting Canvasman. If you’d like to make an enquiry and book it in, please email info@canvasman.co.uk with the details and a member of the team will get in touch with you. Please note, if you book your order in, the date that we provide to you is the date when we do the work, there are no pre checks.


  • Inspection FeeIf you require a pre check, the additional fee for an inspection is £22.50+VAT per item. We require accurate information in regards to what work is required, e.g whether zips are detachable and measurements need to be accurate/provided before booking in, items such as zips need to be ordered in which often take several weeks to arrive in stock.



  • Prices

Zip replacements:

Up to 2m straight zip      £52.00 + VAT

Up to 2m curved zip       £56.70 + VAT

 2-3m curved zip             £64.85 + VAT

3-4m curved zip              £73.00 + VAT

4-5m curved zip              £81.10 + VAT

5-6m curved zip             £89.25 + VAT



Window replacements:

XS – W25-50 x H25-50cm                            £42.00 + VAT

S –  W51-75 x H51-75cm                              £48.00 +VAT

M – W76-100 x H76-100cm                           £56.00 + VAT

L –  W101-125 x H101-125cm                       £65.00 + VAT

XL –  W126-160 x H126-160cm                     £82.00 + VAT

XXL –  W161-200 x H161-200cm                  £96.00 + VAT

Rounded corners – (Max size 140 x 100cm) £72.00+VAT

Patches Only                    £ P.O.A


  • Repairs

For repairs we work on an hourly rate of £31.50 + VAT. The time required to complete the job will determine the final fee. If any specific additional elements are required such as windows or zips, these can often be quoted separately, the prices for these are as above. Patches are priced on application.


Cover cleaning:

Small covers (cratch/1 pole hood)          £88.20 + VAT

Large covers (2-3 pole hood)                  £154.35 + VAT




Small covers (cratch/1 pole hood)           £88.20 + VAT

Large covers (2-3 pole hood)                  £154.35 + VAT




Awning Reduction/Extension:        £136.50 + VAT

New rubber and tag:                         £3.15 + VAT

Caravan awning repairs:   £P.O.A



  • Things that will save you money:
  • Clearly labelling the areas required for repair, or marking the area with chalk pencil.
  • Providing a sketch of the item and highlighting the areas for repair.
  • Folding / bagging the item with the repair to the top so it can be easily found.
  • Our skilled machinists will work on the job, the moment they are unravelling products, so if it is clear, this will in effect save you money as the time spent on your job will be reduced.


  • What we can do:
    Boat cover repairs
    Eg patches, replacement windows, zips or panels
    Acrylic awnings
    Replacement zips, awning extension and reductions, new mud walling, patches

  • What we can’t do:
    Tent cleaning
  • Caravan awning cleaning
  • Fabric that has gone stiff or rigid (this is usually old PVC)
  • Repairs to dirty Covers (please clean your cover before you bring it, or we do have a cleaning service)
  • Covers with a frame attached (Car hoods etc, need to be completely removed from any frame work)
  • Clothing
  • Sleeping bags.




Acrylic canvas

We recommend that you do not clean your cover more than once a year unless necessary. Use a non detergent we have some excellent products available on our accessories page. Use a soft brush and plenty of water, if you have mould on the inside or green algae build up on the outside we suggest Iosso mould and mildew remover as this will kill the spores, lift the discolouration and not damage the fabric.

The first time you clean the canvas you will lose the outer Teflon coating, the fabric will still be waterproof, but water will not bead and run off as well as before, to restore your cover to its former glory you can use a waterproofer such as Fabsil.

Do not use a jet wash or washing machine.

To see some of the cleaning products we have available, please visit our sundries page here.




Window material

Just use a soft sponge and plenty of water, cleaning your windows regularly is a good idea as this will prevent dust and grime building up and prematurely ageing your windows. We also have a window polish which can be used to remove fine scratches.


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